33 1/3 book about elliott smith’s ‘xo’

I love XO. Being one of my favourite albums ever, I’m so pleased that it’s this Smith album that the 33 1/3 folks decided to feature. It’s surprising as well. I guess since it was arguably Smith’s most commercial release (out on Dreamworks, hitting mainstream radio and earning a Saturday Night Live appearance) I would […]

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hollywood responds to the “gathering storm”

A Gaythering Storm from Jane Lynch Here’s the ridiculously sad and disheartening original:

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wordpress, tweetdeck and UTF-8 code substitutions

This is a bit off the beaten track for me, but what the heck – if it helps just one person, I’ll be pleased. I manage a Twitter account for NYU prof Mark Crispin Miller (@mcrispinmiller), which I have set up so that his WordPress RSS feed is pushed to Twitter via Twitterfeed. I noticed […]

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