Top five things that make my kid wail like a banshee

1 – Richard Pryor’s Alphabet: 2 – Your loud laugh. 3 – Stop motion animated film, “Orange Sings Carmen”: 4 – Adorable little Polish girls who tug and hug on him relentlessly at the park daily. 5 – Being any more than half-an-inch away from base-station mama. Sigh. Speaking of crying children, check out this […]

Sara Barron wrote a “porn” … when she was eleven.

OK – can you say h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s… and I especially love the silly pee parts. Apparently she thought peeing was the same as coming. You know, I can relate. When I was in kindergarten, some gingersnap told me I came out of my mother’s “cock” and it was YEARS before I realized that there’d been a […]