Dear Whoopi Goldberg,

I watched this clip of you and your co-hosts on The View discussing the Roman Polanski case:

I implore you (please) to read Kate Harding’s analysis, Reminder: Roman Polanski raped a child. I cannot believe that after reading Harding’s words that you’d still say, “I know it wasn’t rape-rape”.

I don’t know exactly what the difference between “rape-rape” and rape is, but as Violet over at Reclusive Leftist writes, “I’m pretty sure that what Whoopi is insinuating here is that the girl didn’t resist or say no.”

Well, if that is what you’re insinuating, that’s just not true. She did.

As someone who captures the hearts and minds of millions of viewers every day, you have the wonderful gift/burden of influencing and shaping public opinion. As a feminist, you have the amazing opportunity to contribute to the movement and to guide the conversation. As both a broadcaster and a feminist, you “have to say what it actually was” and to do that you need facts, which you so rightfully point out several times yet are so clearly misinformed.

I really believe there’s been a fundamental failure here … one with far-reaching consequences. Please inform yourself of the facts in this case and re-consider your position. Publicly. Use your power for good, re-introduce the discussion to The View’s audience and if there’s still a debate, even after the facts have been established, great. Bring it on – I’ll likely not be swayed from my position but by all means you can try. An informed debate is one we should all be willing to have.

Your fellow feminist,
Danielle Holke

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One Response to “Dear Whoopi Goldberg,”

  1. lilydustbin says:

    whoopi really dropped the ball. hope she’ll reconsider and repair the damage she’s done.
    This comment was originally posted on Twitter