New design, the loudness wars and a trip to Ikea

I’d been tired of the 80s “retro” Dustbin for a long time now, so I updated the template to better reflect where I’m at these days… it’s cleaner, it’s craftier and it’s going to inspire me to write more. I know it! [she says with eyes averted and fingers crossed … ahem.]

So that’s that for now – feedback welcome. On another note, I’d like to mention that James Pew of Studio Manifesto fame has a great guest post over at Radical Trust about the “loudness wars”. James writes about “the practice in modern audio production where a severe decrease in the dynamic range, leads to obnoxious levels of average loudness” and maps a solution using the tenets of radical trust. It’s a great read, James know his stuff.

And finally for today, I’d like to share a nice photo of Finn and I, taken at Ikea this past summer (daddy’s there behind the lens, of course):


Happy Monday!

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6 Responses to “New design, the loudness wars and a trip to Ikea”

  1. lilydustbin says:

    New design, the loudness wars and a trip to Ikea:
    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  2. seizuresalad says:

    LOVE, love the new design. LOVE IT.

    re: loudness wars – yes, this is a very interesting subject – I know that mastering volumes have crept up and up over the years to the detriment of almost everyone involved. I never thought to place this in the context of radical trust before, but of course this is a perfect example. I am going to go check the post out right now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Definitely screams Danielle! I love it!!!

  4. Brandi Gascon says:

    Oops…my name is not anonymous : )

  5. Laura says:

    Love it! It’s like we’re at your kitchen table having a cuppa.

  6. lilydustbin says:

    Thank you loyal friends… your kudos are appreciated more than you know. xxoo