I like my births shackle-free

Call me crazy, but I think giving birth shackle-free is an undisputable human right.

Apparently Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn’t think so:

The most recent atrocity committed by the self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” involves a woman who was detained while 9-months pregnant. Alma Minerva Chacon’s case has been receiving media attention due to the brutality with which she was treated. The very same night of her arrest, Chacon went into labor and found herself afraid and alone, being rushed to a local hospital with her hands and legs chained in shackles.

Once she reached the hospital, nurses repeatedly begged the Sheriff’s staff to allow them to unchain the mother, but they refused and Chacon was forced to give birth while still shackled to the bed. At one point, the nurse asked for them to release her so that she could be escorted to the bathroom for a urinalysis, but even that request was denied. But the worst came once Chacon gave birth to her baby girl.

Still chained to the bed, Arpaio’s police staff refused to allow Chacon to hold her newborn baby and then warned her that if no one came to pick up the child within 72 hours, she would be turned over into state custody.

Source: latina.com

I’m looking for a follow-up story, but haven’t been able to find one as of yet. I did, however, find some more info on this racist subhuman turd / human rights violator and found a form letter you can send to US Attorney General Eric Holder:


Form letter at the bottom – AND if you’re not an American or living in America, you can still send the letter. Go through the process and enter your real postal code in the field that asks for zip. The smart form will take you to new page that lets you enter your country of origin and correct post/postal/zip code.

Please pass this on.

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