I’m sure there’s a good mansplanation…

The Spinster Aunt writes: Mansplaining — you know mansplaining, right? It’s that loud, annoying, repetitive alarm call that men emit whenever they perceive a lower-status person challenging their authority — isn’t really so goddam hilarious in and of itself. This is because it is a hallmark of domination culture, because it is comprised primarily of […]


Do you remember this Fisher-Price medical kit?

Spotted at Value Village last fall. I didn’t buy it for Finn and now I can’t remember why.

Taking my own advice

Blogging. Sigh. I always tell people, “blog whatever, you don’t have to tell your life story every time”. Blog your breakfast (latté and sausage croissant from Balluchon), blog your thoughts on a movie you just saw (Sleep Dealer: really thoughtful, compelling analysis of the future water crisis, not sustainable as a movie, would have loved […]

Lessig on Obama’s First Year: Change Congress Chronicles