Tributes to Chris Dedrick

I honestly don’t mean to assume another man’s ego, especially a spiritually-inclined man whose ego was near non-existent … but I have to say I was sadly disappointed that for many days after Christopher Dedrick‘s passing, not one major media outlet reported on his tragic death. Notable exceptions were Tower Records in Japan and French music magazine

Knowing the depth of Chris’ lifetime contribution to music through his band The Free Design (Stereolab, for instance, would never have existed as we know them today) and later through scoring for film & television, I was distressed to think his legacy could be forgotten. I wasn’t sure what to do or if it was even my place to do anything (there’s that ego again). You see, I do have a connection to Chris – a few years ago I was lucky enough to have been hired by him and his amazing wife Moira to assist them with their various web sites. (Moira is a fantastic portrait artist:

Then late Tuesday afternoon LA Weekly posted this story and the digital universe lit up with RIP tweets, Bubbles-inspired blog posts, news articles and insights. The love for Chris has been pouring in non-stop ever since.

My intention is to keep a fresh list here for reference – poach it, share it, follow the trails. The more people who learn about and are exposed to The Free Design, the better. Leave a comment and let me know if I’ve missed one.

I don’t really have much more to say that hasn’t been said quite beautifully and eloquently in many of the posts and tributes below. Both Chris and Moira have touched my life deeply.

Well maybe there’s one thing and that is I especially appreciate the tribute by Dan Shepelavy who suggests that “Proper Ornaments” would have been the perfect theme song for the television show Mad Men. I have to agree with this brilliant insight…

Articles, blog posts & podcasts dedicated to the late Chris Dedrick

Chris also kept a helpful and insightful journal on his experience with cancer: Circle of Fifths.

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One Response to “Tributes to Chris Dedrick”

  1. mondoville says:

    links to online tributes to Chris Dedrick of group the Free Design who died last week in Toronto (alas, no local MSM):
    This comment was originally posted on Twitter