I wonder why MacLean’s would pull this piece: “Escort v. Hooker: How do they compare?”

* UPDATE Someone on Twitter alerted me to this MacLean’s piece this morning. :: click to enlarge :: This was the original link: http://www2.macleans.ca/2011/03/21/escort-v-hooker-how-do-they-compare Scott Feschuk you are a turd. * You can also see a cached version here, with all the comments.

She made my son cry and later told me I was a bad mother.

On Saturday Finn and I went over to the local Loblaws to pick up some ingredients to bake cookies. Everything was happy and fine until we got over to the dairy section. I was both navigating weekend congestion and maneuvering around a stock boy to grab some eggs when it happened: Finn coughed. It wasn’t […]