Brooklyn ~ week one

Well, it’s been a crazy week full of ups and downs, mostly ups.

We arrived in Brooklyn at around 8pm last Sunday evening, grabbed a cab and headed to our temporary apartment which was arranged through Our host’s friend Come met us as planned, gave us the keys to the space and left us to be. It’s a good apartment, the folks who live here are artists w/ young kids so it’s an interesting and very accommodating apartment. Phew.

The next day we met our future landlords (who are very nice) and they informed us that our apartment would be available on October 1st. Yikes. We were hoping to move in sooner but we knew they had some issues with contractors and family emergencies but everything is back on track now. Although it’s not ideal, we’re making it work and October will come soon enough. 48 days and counting …

Here are some things we did our first week:

  • got haircuts in Park Slope
  • visited our new apartment
  • went to Coney Island, visited the aquarium
  • visited a social security office to get SS number
  • was reminded by police not to forget Finn at said office (thank you for the reminder, I often abandon my son in public places)
  • walked from Clinton Hill in Brooklyn to the Staten Island Ferry (via the Brooklyn Bridge)
  • took the Staten Island Ferry there and back for fun
  • went to Central Park, took a cheesy carriage ride, visited the zoo and the kids’ play area
  • had a delicious lunch in Chelsea and then visited Olek’s new solo show at the Jonathan LeVine gallery

Holy it’s been a full week… Collin starts his new job tomorrow and Finn and I are going to check out daycares in the neighbourhood. So far life is good in Brooklyn.

collin's new photo face

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One Response to “Brooklyn ~ week one”

  1. Radiorocket says:

    I get you and Finn, but who’s the goofy dude hoggin’ the camera?