10 Top Tips to Prevent Rape

Today in Steubenville two teens were found guilty of rape. I’m reading much concern for the future careers of these two high-school “football stars” … far more concern for them than the well-being of the young woman they raped… So, it’s once again time to share this excellent infographic, “10 Top Tips to Prevent Rape“:


One commenter, in all seriousness, calls for the victim to be held criminally negligent (“at the very least“).

Drunk women at parties are not for the raping!

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One Response to “10 Top Tips to Prevent Rape”

  1. Helen says:

    Excellent… thanks for posting! She is being judged first, as most all women are, for saying she was raped. When a guy has sex with an unconscious woman it is rape because she was unable to say yes or no to what happened to her body. I wish I had more time because I feel I could use a good debate and especially this one. God forbid this should happen to you or someone you love because these comments shall return to haunt you.