Jennifer Robbins bends crowbars with her meat ax!

I was tipped off to the Jenville Show today and I gotta pass it on. It’s so simple, so smart…

Jennifer Robbins interviews our fav musicians and in the process they cook together or share cooking secrets.

Damn it’s a great idea and I’m all about ideas these days. So go on, try a dorrito burrito or some peanut butter veggie sausage toast and feel like a star.

I know I’m not a rock star in your version of reality, but I’m going to share a food story anyway: Soon after moving out, one of my fav things to cook (really the only thing I *thought* I knew how to cook) was ground beef mixed in with a can of mushroom soup. It doesn’t get much more trailer than that… but it tasted good growing up and I wanted to recreate a “home” ritual.

The problem: when I first tried to make it on my own, I put the raw meat into the soup instead of adding the soup to the cooked meat. No roomate would eat my flesh goulash and I was sad. Yet, deep down I knew I made a major miscalculation somewhere. The whole thing stunk and no amount of boiling was going to fix it.

My pride made me eat it. And in the end, thank the food gods, I lived to tell.

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One Response to “Jennifer Robbins bends crowbars with her meat ax!”

  1. elanamatic says:

    ha! great story.

    when i first moved out i didn’t know how to cook anything either… i kept trying for pasta but it always came out way too al dente cos i didn’t know how long to cook it for before dumping some prego-like sauce on top. sigh.