Penguins – the most unintelligent design ever!

The New York Times published an article about several Christian groups who are attempting to co-opt “The March of the Penguins” claiming it as an argument for intelligent design and family values. [sigh]

I didn’t see any WWJD anklets on any of those Emperors in the doc (which btw is the second highest-grossest documentary only behind “Fahrenheit 9/11”).

San Francisco writer Sheerly Avni sums it up best,

“It’s the ultimate commuter marriage (penguin coupling). Probably not the kind of family values Those Who Speak Directly to God had in mind, unless we missed the part where fighting for paid paternity leave moved up a few items on the right-wing agenda.

So we have sex with up to 20 partners in a lifetime, tolerance toward gay couplings, and males who take “Go ahead and work late, honey, I’ll watch the kids” to a whole a new level.”

Plus, is it really intelligent design when each year, in a million degrees below zero weather, your species travels 70 miles to mate? Only to hopefully incubate a sole egg in the cold, stormy darkness for months – to the brink of starvation?

Read the NYT article for yourself. It’s amusing at least.

I really love March of the Penguins – it’s mos def on my top ten list for 2005 and I recommend it for anyone. But another bird doc trumps it for me, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Set in San Fran, it’s about a truth-seeking guy who takes care of an accidental flock of wild parrots. If you haven’t seen either, I recommend both.

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