#1 ‘food’ item purchased from Wal-marts prior to a hurricane?

Wal-Mart can merchandise for the weather. With the hurricanes last year in Florida, they mined data from stores in the hurricane’s path to find out what people buy when they know a hurricane’s approaching. They nailed it down specifically to strawberry pop-tarts.

Toaster-oven treats in general were big, but #1 — strawberry pop-tarts. This is a company with nearly 5,000 stores worldwide, but they know in a Florida hurricane, strawberry pop-tarts. And they have the infrastructure to get those strawberry pop-tarts into stores within a day or two. Other retailers are still catching up, but they’ve been able to do that for years. They call it merchandising a store at a time.

Source: One Nation Under Wal-Mart

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One Response to “#1 ‘food’ item purchased from Wal-marts prior to a hurricane?”

  1. Carman says:

    that is highly disturbing. make it go away.