Sunday afternoon musings, breakups and gay penguins

It’s a rainy day so I’m lounging in the office catching up on some reading and listening to Jeff Buckley. It’s my favourite breakup album and probably one of my favourite albums of all time. It’s such a good record, sometimes I feel like I need to listen to it everyday. It’s so passionate! I’m totally in awe when one can give one’s self to the music so wholly and completely like that. It’s beautiful. David Bowie is also an artist who does it for me too, Heroes gives me the shivers and Sound and Vision makes me so goddamned happy.

AND, just so you know, it wasn’t my breakup that inspired me to listen to Grace today…

At one time Grace WAS the soundtrack to my teary, bleary-eyed existence. My first love and I broke up twice in the span of two-months or so and I’d never been so broken-hearted in my life. I cried constantly. And to add insult to injury, the final breakup was in February, exactly 12 hours AFTER I had mailed his Valentine’s present overseas (he was studying in Wales). The envelope was covered with cheesy glitter hearts and all sorts of lovey-dovey proclamtions. I was beside myself with embarrassment when I imagined how he and his housemates would laugh their asses off at that ridiculously beautiful and sweet package since they KNEW he already broke up with me on the PHONE. Ahhh well, it was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and I got through it.

The breakup that has me sad today?

“It’s splitsville for New York’s favorite gay penguins. The drama started when Silo left Roy, his mate of six years, for Scrappy, a female transplant from SeaWorld who’d never had chicks.”

I’m in mourning for Roy, probably the only gay penguin in NY now. But who knows, maybe Silo and that SeaWorld slut will want to start experimenting with Roy in an alternative love-triangle. They can be happy. I know it.

But Roy, if it doesn’t work out, just remember – you’re better than him. He was heartache since the moment that you met him.

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2 Responses to “Sunday afternoon musings, breakups and gay penguins”

  1. elanamatic says:

    you are a sweetheart! and a good storyteller too!

  2. D says:

    i think this line “just remember – you’re better than him. He was heartache since the moment that you met him.”…single handedly describes the relationship i had with the one guy who broke my heart. touche.