Things I’ve learned living in the country for one week…

It’s been a week since I moved from downtown Toronto to Orangeville.

Here are some things I didn’t know a week ago:

* setting up satellite high-speed is not easy
* satellite service tech support makes Sympatico’s support look good
   (ie: 48hrs response time is considered acceptable)
* setting up a wireless network with said satellite is not easy
* the latest our “corner” store stays open is 7pm
* I can forgive that simply because the homemade muffins bring a
   tear to the eye
* Telus does not have reliable service out here
* the commute is less than an hour coming home during the afternoon    rush
* you don’t want to know about the commute in the morning
* mice will find the birdseed
* a permit is required to burn shit in your backyard
* speaking of shit, sometimes it takes more than one flush
* the asian lady beetle invasion is real, though I’ve not experienced
   the “lady-bird blood” yet. yet…
* you can see Mars from the front porch
* the extended family seems more interested in us now that we’re
   bumpkins too

I’m back! Regular posting to resume…

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3 Responses to “Things I’ve learned living in the country for one week…”

  1. John C says:

    Welcome back…..the real question is…how many donut shops are there in your town? There were at least 7-8 in Bradford where I grew up.

  2. /pd says:

    Welcome back !!

    Living in the country is good – what will suck is the winter drive !!

  3. huzbond says:

    John C… the answer is…. no donut shops! We live in the country!
    There is a corner store, about 3-4km down the road… that serves the best home baked muffins on this green earth, but the nearest “Donut shop” TIM HO is 10km south (at the mono mills junction… there are 2 there…) If you go west, towards orangeville, you are looking at about 16k before you can grab a muffin…

    We don’t live in a city, a town, a village or even a hamlet… we live in the country! And the winter drive does suck!