What does Hello Kitty smell like?

img_pro_kun_2_1.jpg“Most mobile phone trends that hit the States begin with a launching pad in Japan. One of the latest potential trends coming out of Japan is the “smell tone.” The scented Keitai KunKun mobile phone charms attach to the cell phone and release a variety of fragrances to signal an incoming call or text message. The charm comes with an “electronically stimulated micro scent generator” that will release a light puff of fragrance when a call or text messages comes in.

Keitai KunKun (“KunKun” refers to the act of sniffing in Japanese) claims the fragrance will also help relax the user. The charms also have licensed versions with cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, and Doraemon all getting their own “smell tones.” There is no word yet on the success of these items overseas. The challenge in the US may be getting buyers to put a charm on their phones, since unlike the Japanese, American citizens never completely bought into the cell phone jewelry trend. However, with a new functional use, mobile devices could soon be stinking up the classrooms, malls, movie theaters and other hangout spots nationwide.”


Source: Big Blue Dot Trend Update

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