Morrissey quiz, Elliott Smith Tribute, Death Cab vid and

Daydreaming about the long weekend? Me too amigo.

Here’s some fun to help you get there:

Take the Bigmouth Strikes Again quiz from our fine friends at (I got a lousy 6/10, another reason to mope about)

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Christopher O’Riley has released a new piano epic: “Home to Oblivion: An Elliott Smith Tribute” and here are my first impressions:

The first track is Coast to Coast and it immediately strikes me as problematic, not because of the arrangements, but because it’s an interpretation of a song from an album that’s already entirely interpreted so therefore can’t wholly be attributed to Elliott Smith. From A Basement on the Hill was produced posthumously by Rob Schnapf and Joanna Bolme, musicians/associates chosen by Elliott’s family, perhaps not with his best musical interests in mind. Many people believe it’s not the record Elliott would have released… Don’t get me wrong, I love the album, I just wonder if O’Riley thought about this when he was recording his tribute.

Listening to Between the Bars, it’s obvious that O’Riley is passionate. You can feel the depth of his love for Elliott in every stroke and it’s enjoyable to celebrate Elliott’s infinite talent for melody through a new filter.

I only have one very small complaint (other than the giant, inescapable fact that piano music is totally gouda to begin with, what can I say, I love Elliott), the tracks in which piano is already the main instrument in the original are messy. Waltz #1 and Everything Means Nothing To Me are good examples. Check it out if you’re so inclined – the album is available on iTunes for ten bucks and the tracklisting is here. (O’Riley has also deconstructed two Radiohead albums, read more about them/him here.)

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This Death Cab For Cutie YouTube vid is making the rounds. Genius.

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My last lovely timewaster pour vous – I received an oh-so-excellent button maker from the huz for my bday and it’s been button madness ever since. Check ’em out and buy a button! I’ll even do custom orders if you have a little something something you’d like to promote with buttons!

Button Button would make a good band name, don’t you think?

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3 Responses to “Morrissey quiz, Elliott Smith Tribute, Death Cab vid and”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I beat you!!!! said – “You scored 8 out of 10. Nicely done, but remember that Moz hates it when his friends become successful.”

    And I don’t even particularly like Morrissey. In fact, I hated most of his ardent fans in my highschool. They were all Drama Club cry babies. One day, I intercepted a love letter intended for a certain Ponce’s “Pixie Waif.” It said that she possessed “Elven beauty” and that he dreamed of her “in my forest garden.” Actually, she WAS rather spritely and attractive but her eyes were too far apart.

    Another one of his fans wore a black cape to the final assembly at graduation. He was very fat and had been a closeted Morrissey fan who wiled high school away as a member of the Audio/Video crew. He wept as he danced on stage. The collected student body had no idea how to respond to such a spectacle. I laughed.

  2. Lily Dustbin says:

    That’s it, I’m self-flagellating this weekend. Or would that be in poor taste considering the time of year and all…

  3. Anonymous says: