I’m annoyed with everything today – most of all me!

So to make myself feel beter, here are some things that annoy me besides myself:

1) Lazy music writing – “{insert artist} boasts an infectious blend of {insert genre} and {insert genre}” OR “{insert artist}’s loud, unapologetic, swaggering rock…” Who rocks apologetically? BLAH!

2) Andy Barry’s cough – dude, everyone I know talks about your cough – are you okay over there?

3) Crows – if another crow harvests another seed from my garden, I swear I’m buying a shotgun.

4) Squirrels – if another squirrel steals another peanut from my birdfeeders, I swear I’m buying a shotgun.

5) My ISP – you’d assume satellite means fast, but no… it actually means FAP and woeful customer service.

6) Comment spam – I moved to WordPress to get away from it. Well, ok – I guess 1-2 insurance spams a week is better than 1000 porn spams a day. I’m still annoyed though.

7) No one has commented on my new blog design. BLAH!

8) Alan Cross advertorial for Apple computers on CFNY.

9) Television – our three year old TV blew up on Friday; exactly two days AFTER we decided to give in to cable after having lived without it for eight months. it must be a sign that a) we shouldn’t watch TV; b) televisions are no longer built to last or c) all of the above.

10) Our lame neighbours who don’t talk to us but feel it’s ok to blast Alien Ant Farm or {insert top 40 trash} all day.

11) Smoking and how it’s bad for you – I’m on day eleven of not doing it. The huz keeps telling me to stop counting and take it day by day. I’m annoyed that he’s right – because if I keep counting, sooner or later I’ll reward myself with a big, stinky cig.

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3 Responses to “Annoyed!”

  1. jen says:

    I LOVE your new design! Glad you’re back to posting. I figured living out in the country as you do, it was only a matter of time until you started shooting things. My Grandad outwitted squirrels by smearing Vaseline on the pole they were climbing up into his attic, worked like a charm.

  2. carmania says:

    I am annoyed at your annoyance. you must not bemoan. you must bemerry make!

  3. elananano says:

    hiya! i am jut getting caught up on your bloggity as i have been sucked into the corporate undertow and find little time to surf these days. must comment and say that even before i got to this post (i’ve been navigating backwards through your life) i noticed the new design and 100% heart it. especially the little circles that pop in my firefox browser! sahweet!