Billy Idol scraps White Wedding for… White Christmas?


No, the cheeseball before you ain’t Rod Stewart – it’s Billy Idol!

Can you believe it? Mr. Generation X records his versions of Silent Night and Silver fucking Bells! I know we need to let people grow as artists, blah, blah, but wouldn’t you say this is some serious regression, even from the days of Rebel Yell? (oh, who am I kidding…)

You can visit for a listen if you like. Far more amusing are the comments from punk rock girls begging for Billy to come back… and notice how many Germans mention they love the album… What is it with the Germans and their confusing taste in music?! David Hasselhoff, Shawn Desman, Heino and now Billy Idol… all big in Germany and all sucking yet, Berlin is the home to Kitty-Yo, one of the best labels around…

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5 Responses to “Billy Idol scraps White Wedding for… White Christmas?”

  1. loraxe says:

    I saw this on You Tube and nearly died. It’s the creepy smile more than anything.

  2. Billy did a Christmas album. No way!!!!

  3. Okay … I just watched it on YouTube and loraxe is right … creeeeeepy!!!!

  4. Pissed Off says:

    Why do you have to be so hard? I thought he did a great job on the Christmas Album. Everyone else has one, whay can’t Billy?

  5. lilydustbin says:

    Oh please. My dog shits with more sincerity.