The perils of social networking

Life sure gets complicated when you cruise on over to your much younger sister’s Facebook profile and find the following: “Religious Views: double penetration brings me closer to god.” Wow, awesome and frightening all at once. I find it amusing that this is from the same person who gets flustered when I pee or change […]

R2D2! You know better than to trust a strange package!

Three decades ago in a galaxy not so far away, filmmaker George Lucas launched Hollywood’s Star Wars phenomenon, and now the U.S. Postal Service is celebrating the film’s 30th birthday this year by decorating mailboxes to look like famed droid R2-D2. Approximately 400 mail collection boxes have been wrapped to look like Lucas’s iconic beeping […]

Planting the “mob” in flash mob.

From the Springwise newsletter: A fun example of consumers aggregating their intended purchases to get a bargain is tuangou, or team buying, which involves strangers organizing themselves around a specific product or service. Think electronics, home furnishings, cars and so on. These likeminded consumers then meet up in real-world shops and showrooms at a coordinated […]

Three billion eyeballs served.

Viacom, frustrated with continued posting of copyrighted content, has fought back against YouTube and its owner Google. Viacom filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in federal court seeking more than US$1 billion in damages and claiming “massive intentional copyright infringement.” The suit also lists 160,000 examples of clips that have been made available on YouTube and […]

UPDATED: bEtsy for Etsy is finally here.

I’ve been waiting for an Etsy plugin for a long, long time and today I finally found one. It’s called bEtsy – not to be confused with Ginger Beard Man’s “Betsy” which is a browser add-on that “changes the extra thumbnail images on an item page so they reload the main image without reloading the […]

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