Less zillafication, please.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling abused and over-zillafied.

You see that? Pregzilla? Aw c’mon… I saw this tee at a baby show on the weekend (that’s another story…) and I just can’t escape it. In fact, it’s the catalyst for this whole post. Let’s have a look at some other zillas, shall we?
Bitchzilla. Somehow this one doesn’t surprise me. No reaction. Zilch. Okay, maybe a little [sigh]. (Don’t worry, I’m not giving up the good fight.)
Broadzilla. Sure, it’s a band, but I bet a billion bucks that they got that line from Elias Koteas in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. I thought it was clever then too…
Halfbridezilla. I love this one – it really drives home the illusion of choice and how limiting it truly is these days.
Maidzilla. Hmmmm…. I don’t get this one but somehow it still succeeds at making me feel bad.
Momzilla, the obvious evolution of pregzilla. I’m going to let the Telegraph present this one with, "March of the Momzillas".

Oh and let’s not forget: promzilla, shoezilla, shopzilla, craftzilla, slutzilla, gardenzilla and my absolute personal FAV: boobzilla: a woman who uses her breasts to gain or hold attention because of being otherwise deficient. YES!

Some experimental zillas I’m hoping will catch on: virginzilla, vajuniorzilla, feminazizilla, shegetzilla…

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One Response to “Less zillafication, please.”

  1. sk-rt.com says:

    Less zillafication, please….

    A short visual essay on the “zillaficiation” of women in our culture….