We dumped the crackberry and gots ourselves a “babyberry”

Yesterday the huz and I ventured down to Babies R Us (*shudder*) to investigate some of the remaining items we need to prepare for our little kielbasa‘s arrival. Between generous hand-me-downs from friends and gifts from family, there’s not much left for us to buy; cloth diapers, a mattress for the cradle (my very own […]

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Crafty encounters of an Etsy kind – today’s word is consciousness

In honour of Albert Hoffman and his devotion to the study human consciousness and related fields (oh, and he invented LSD!!), today’s word is consciousness. Currently there are 143 items tagged “consciousness” on Etsy. Here are six of my favourite picks: Item: shift happens – tiger eye pendant Seller: CreativeArtandSoul Price: $22.00 Item: Cosmic Consciousness […]

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