Maybe this Monday will be different.


Crafty encounters of an Etsy kind – today’s word is neighbor

Today’s word is neighbor because my lovely neighbors kept us up to the wee hours of the morning with their lovely backyard karaoke extravaganza – which we were NOT invited to btw. Isn’t that a cardinal rule or something, invite the folks next door so they don’t call the cops? It’s prolly ’cause they didn’t […]

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Cupcakes and bambinos …

Does anyone know why cupcakes are associated with baby showers / parties? I’ve heard a few references and jokes made about the combo recently (ahem, Jen Brown et al) and am wondering about the duo’s origins… In any case, I stumbled across the PERFECT cupcake recipe … sure to please those non-traditional moms (and dads) […]

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Befunky – sometimes the web is too much fun.

Turkish startup BeFunky has closed its first round of venture funding from Golden Horn Ventures in Istanbul. The amount raised was $550,000. Previously, the company raised $250,000 in seed capital in January, 2007. BeFunky launched at TechCrunch 40 last year. Founded by Tekin Tatar and Kemal Ozisikcilar, BeFunky offers two services: The Cartoonizer and Uvatar. […]

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question for a monday…

What do you do when you call a potential contractor about removing some old insulation from your attic and he shows up to do the quote dressed like Anderson Cooper? Okay, sure it was Sunday and all… but seriously, wtf. Am I really going to hire a guy who’s not dressed properly to get up […]

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