having a baby.

Now that Finnegan is coming up on five months old, I’d like to share some things I’ve discovered about being a mom.

Things *they* don’t tell you:

  • that old sensation of my thighs rubbing together has been replaced by the new sensation of my boobs and tummy getting better acquainted… the bond grows each day
  • the skin on said boobs morphs into a rice-paper-like state. I’m thinking about booby origami once the little one is weaned
  • babies don’t breath through their mouth until they’re older
  • babies often have cold hands and feet because their blood circulation is concentrated on getting nutrients to their constantly-growing vital organs
  • eating spinach with every meal for two days straight tints the boob juice green. isn’t that wild?
  • strangers feel it’s their place to offer parenting advice. the other day I was on the Spadina streetcar (packed) wearing Finnegan in his carrier. a man sat next to me to inform me that babies shouldn’t be out at that time of day, or on a packed streetcar. I think it was 6:30pm.

Things I said I’d never do and now do all the time:

  • use a pacifier
  • use bottles
  • use formula as a back-up
  • use the drive-through at the bank
  • not go out because the benefit of whatever’s out there in the world does not outweigh the time it takes to get everyone ready. this isn’t really true, babies are very portable in fact, it’s a psychological thing. when I was pregnant, I was certain that nothing would change and that the little babe and I would rock the planet together all day long. right.

I love the experience so far, it’s an amazing learning process everyday; which leaves me to often wonder how moms made it without the internet in the olden days. Seriously, I have doctors and other mothers available for advice 24-7 and I’m not cut off from my social network ever. Even at 2am there’s someone out there to play Scramble with. Thank you internet.

I’ve also learned not to judge other parents. Well, let’s say learning to…

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One Response to “having a baby.”

  1. seizuresalad says:

    You guys totally still rock the planet together all day long 🙂

    re: boobs – they will shrink back somewhat, eh? ALso, for your boobs there is a bra. For your chafey thighs, there is nada.