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Hey you. Yes, you there with the flesh. Halloween is coming soon, so you better get down to the #Brooklyn #Superhero Supply Co. asap for costumes, secret identity kits, capes and more. Open today until 5pm. #bssco #parkslope #halloween #nyc

“We are all Miley, though.” — Let this be the last word …

Lisa Wade weighs in on the Miley/Sinead/Amanda open letter imbroglio: The truth is that both are right and, because of that, neither sees the whole picture. On the one hand, women are making individual choices. They are not complete dupes of the system. They are architects of their own lives. On the other hand, those […]

Five reasons to see “Gravity”

Sandra Bullock is a remarkable lead. Ryan (played by Bullock) is one of my favourite characters ever portrayed in film. Without a doubt, you’ll quickly realize that you’re watching a classic. I left the theatre with zero complaints — I don’t know if that’s ever happened to me before. It beautifully explores two of life’s […]

I really hope it was a good night. #lostandfound #clintonhill #brooklyn #bowtie #found #nyc

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